Thursday, 10 January 2019

Space Marine Heroes - Review

When these were originally released in Japan they were the coolest thing around. Limited edition, unique sculpts, Japan only and the point of sale box was a Rhino tank! Now they have spread across the globe with new packaging. I needed to get my hands on one for a review...

The Box

I didn't reach into a Rhino to select this so not a great start. Fortunately the bold and metallic title makes the whole thing feel super heroic and the Ultramarine branded 'Series 1' conveys confidence on a par with Lego minifigs.

Centre of attention is an Ultramarine sergeant looming over us. He isn't even looking at us, that's how unimportant we are compared to such a warrior. We can only stare in awe at the out thrust crotch with Ultramarine branded loin cloth. Seriously this guy is so cavalier in attitude that he will even highlight his own head in a bullseye red, taunting the foe with no regard for safety.

Finally the box declares itself to be '1 Citadel Miniature' which is a bit bizarre given it is clearly a box.

The Contents

First up is the glossary of available items. Just like the shiny leaflet in a box of chocolates displays glorious treats and crap with nuts in. Half of these are disappointingly generic which provides a sense of elation if you were lucky enough to get a good one. Honestly Brother Castor; you are a like a crisp golden wrapper lovingly untwisted whose contents when placed upon the tongue reveal the disgusting taste of hazlenut.

What, what? What is this? Apparently there is a mystery 9th marine? This is some next level forbidden knowledge. What could this silhouette disguise; other than a Captain with cloak, power sword, pistol, Iron Halo and scenic base? Jokes on you because the real misdirection is in the name. This is in fact the long awaited female space marine. Probably?

Excellent. You can't have a mystery box without a collectible card to play 'got, got, need' with. My box had Brother Garus who is an immense badass. The guy has a state of the art mass reactive bolt rifle and wields it with casual disregard for the foregrip. Check out the lucky rabbits foot dangling from that pistol and the generic white guy action hero face that is instantly forgettable.

The card also provides guidance for using Brother Garus in a Space Marine Heroes game. The first box can be pressed to level up the character. The second box displays his spell slots with the 'turn around bright eyes', 'stack boxes' and 'tightrope walker from above' abilities. The number presumably indicates the cooldown time.

The Model

Here we have it. The prize itself. 


I have a burning need to convert this guy into a Primaris marine.

Rating: 3 Squigs