Wednesday, 5 September 2018

On the work desk...

I am often asked 'what the hell do you think you are doing?'. It makes sense that a similar question comes to mind when folk consider my modelling efforts. Lucky for you I am the obliging sort.

So what is on the workdesk?

First we have Lady Smackdown in her Armiger. Simple case of repositioning the legs for movement and beefing up the guns.

I really love these kits for the possibilities they present. Especially given their role as a centerpiece if you largely field infantry.

What else?

Da Grrlz needed a sweet new ride. Equally I needed to develop my rivet work. The solution was obvious. I'd like to say this design was the plan all along... alas t'would be a lie.

I started out thinking big, lumbering heavy tank. I ended up a bit Charlie Chalk. Now I'm quite taken with the idea of modelling grots in cute little sailor suits.

Anything else?

I dearly love my Wanderers (Wood Elves). I struggle to get them just right. Honestly that is an understatement. I will never be happy with them. I do love them though.

Anyway they needed a centerpiece. As the Wanderers lore is all about Waystones it was a clear choice. For those unaware a Waystone kinda acts as a plug for the flows of the mortal realms. Morathi did something with them (that Teclis took credit for) to block up Slannesh. Alright, this is just clutching at a silly joke about the shape of the things.


Still there is more. Armies on Parade fast approaches. This is my display board progress so far. I am determined to place top 3 this time. The Wanderers are going to stay home and I am aiming at something a bunch of kids will find cool. Yeah that's EL wire. I have no shame anymore.

I summary there is a lot of stuff on the desk at the moment. Fortunately it is a huge desk.